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—Meet Gretchen

What will you get when you book with me? I promise to be your friend, your advice giver, pack mule, the one who makes having your photos taken fun and effortless! I don't want you to be worried about being perfect. I want your images to feel raw, authentic an true but most importantly I want it to showcase the undeniable love between you and your honey! I can guarantee that I will be cracking corny jokes along the way and that we will be laughing constantly during our time together.  I will go all out for you. I will always capture the REAL you. I can’t wait to learn more about what you and your boo love to do in your spare time, if you are dog or cat people, all about your personalities and what makes you unique as a couple. I truly have the most rewarding job and I am so grateful that you put your trust in me. Now here are a few fun facts about me:

Ever since I was little my mom would tell me that I had a creative side to me. It took me awhile to believe this but once I did and explored my creativity freely it lead me to photography! I graduated from Chico State with big plans to work full time in HR...little did I know that's not what my passion would be.  After working 2 years in a 9-5 job my husband told me to take a leap of faith, quit and pursue photography full time.  I was scared to death but I finally did it and I never looked back! I now know I am supposed to be here doing this. Capturing your belly laughs, your bright smiles and all the details and moments of your life adventures together, Being a photographer isn't just about taking beautiful photos it's about being able to show emotion and tell a story through a simple image. And I am here to tell your story!

How did photography become my Thing?

Hi lovebirds!

I quit my Business/HR job to pursue photography full time with ZERO photography experience. I know, I might be a little crazy but it got me here and I love it!

I am a great cook but a terrible baker. The oven is only used for pre-made cookie dough at our house!

My hubby and I met for the first time dressed in Halloween costumes. I was Bride of Frankenstein and he was a Lumber Jack…that’s true love!

I am a chocolate lover…like really. I have to have something with chocolate in it for dessert every night!

Swim with elephants in Thailand

No. 1

No. 2

Go to a music festival

No. 3

Travel through Europe

No. 4

Ride in a hot air balloon

No. 5

Swim with turtles in Australia 

On My Bucket List